Cybershift is a web-based, automated time and attendance system that maintains the time records and implements the DOE's time and attendance rules for annual and hourly administrative employees on H-Bank and Z-Bank. The system records the daily attendance, applies the DOE’s timekeeping rules and regulations, tracks absences and applies the monthly vacation and sick accruals to each employee on the system.  All employees are able to obtain their current leave balances online as well as request use of annual leave and sick time in a paperless environment.

CyberShift Helpdesk email address:

Intranet users can access the CyberShift user/supervisor guides here:  CLICK HERE

2015/16 central holiday calendar: CLICK HERE

Administrative employee's accrual rate tables:  CLICK HERE

Rules & Regulations Governing
Non-Pedagogical Administrative Employees: CLICK HERE

Chancellor Regulation C-607 for Managerial Employees: CLICK HERE