Key Documents

Annual Leave Carryover Letter Process

CyberShift has automated the annual leave carry over letter process beginning with vacation year May 1, 2009 through April 30, 2010 for non-managerial employees and September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010 for managers. Letters will NOT be emailed as done in previous years starting this year, but affected staff members and their primary supervisors will be notified via email from CyberShift that their letters are ready. The process will work as follows:

·          On or about 05/03/10 for non-managerial employees and 09/02/10 for managers, CyberShift will notify all affected employees via an email message from CyberShift all affected employees and their primary supervisor of excess annual leave that needs to be approved for carryover.

·         CyberShift will have a new item on the WHAT list dropdown menu that the employee or supervisor can use to review/print the letter and/or approve/disapprove (supervisor only) in the system:

o    The letter will have a radio button, one for approval of the time to be carried over and the other for disapproval of the time to be carried over;

o    Supervisor must approve or disapprove the carryover of the excess annual leave (by selecting one of the radio button options) BEFORE 5/31/10 (for non-managerial staff) or 09/30/2010 (for managers), enter a reason for their decision and save the changes;

o    After the approval or expiration dates (05/31/10 and 09/30/10) the letters will be locked from approval in the system, but will remain for viewing and or printing.

·         The letter will be stored electronically in CyberShift and the employee and or the supervisor may print a copy on demand at any time. The letter is fully auditable and will be kept in the CyberShift database according to DOE and New York State regulations.

    If preferred by the supervisor, the letter may be printed and signed by the supervisor and a copy be given to the employee and the original placed in the employee's personnel file.   If the letter is handled in that manner a copy will still be held in the CyberShift database but it will show that no action was taken.   Therefore when the 9909 is generated from CyberShift, along with accompanying carryover letters the employee will have to produce a hard copy to their HR/Time keeper for proper processing of the document. If the letter is handled manually then the employee will have to supply a hard copy by the due date each year signed by the supervisor to CyberShift, room 1703, 65 Court Street to prevent the annual leave from being converted to sick leave.


The rules and regulations for administrative employees, section 4.9 states:

“The vacation year begins on May 1 and ends on April 30 of the following year. At the end of each vacation year, the annual leave balance may not exceed two (2) years’ leave accrual. Annual leave exceeding two (2) years’ accrual will be transferred from the annual leave balance to the sick leave balance, unless a written request for permission to carry over such credit and a plan for use of this carried over annual leave in the following vacation year has been approved by the appropriate bureau head.”


The Chancellor’s Regulation C-607, section (2), for managerial employees requires that a letter requesting permission to carryover foregone annual leave in excess of the two year earned allowable balance be made each year to the Executive Director. “The letter must specify the reason the annual leave was denied, the total annual leave balance and the balance that is approved for carryover and it must be placed in the employee’s personnel folder.” In the absence of a letter which authorizes the carryover of excess annual leave, such excess annual leave must be transferred to the employee’s sick leave balance at the end of the employee’s vacation year.”