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Policy on Parent Coordinator Overtime

In light of the City’s current financial situation and the projected impact on the Department’s budget, you should ensure that your parent coordinator strictly adheres to a 35-hour workweek. The collective bargaining agreement for parent coordinators allows them to earn compensatory time for hours worked over 35 in one workweek, but only up to 40 hours. Any hours worked over 40 in a workweek must be compensated for in cash through the payroll system at a rate of time and one-half of the parent coordinator's regular rate of pay. Parent coordinators are required to get written authorization from you before working any hours over 35 in a workweek. Bear in mind, however, if your parent coordinator works overtime without authorization, your parent coordinator must still be appropriately compensated for those hours. Because overtime hours can result in a significant charge against your school’s budget, please cognizant of your parent coordinator’s weekly hours and make sure that he or she does not work any unauthorized overtime.

You should clearly communicate this overtime policy to your parent coordinator in writing to avoid any misunderstanding. In order to minimize the payment for unauthorized overtime work, it is important that you (1) review the overtime policy with your parent coordinator, and (2) take affirmative steps to prevent unauthorized overtime. Parent coordinators very often have duties that require them to work outside of normal business hours. This will likely require that you and your parent coordinator create a flexible schedule to ensure that he or she maintains a 35-hour workweek. For example, you may require that your parent coordinator attend an evening function at the school and then permit him or her to report at a later start time for the following full workday within the same workweek. You and your parent coordinator should regularly plan ahead to make these types of adjustments and should put the agreed upon work schedule in writing. Cybershift is the timekeeping system for all employees covered by this regulation. Cybershift shall maintain the work schedule/shift of all such staff. Parent coordinators are required to record their work hours in the Cybershift via the IVR system at the beginning and end of each workday. Approval must be entered into Cybershift by the appropriate supervisor at the close of each pay cycle. Please ensure that your payroll secretary is familiar with the overtime policy for parent coordinators.

Click here to read the full parent coordinator overtime policy, which includes guidelines on avoiding unauthorized overtime claims and an employee acknowledgement form for parent coordinators to sign acknowledging that they have read and understand the overtime policy. If you have any questions, contact your ISC Counsel.