Division of Finance


The Division of Finance's mission is to maintain the fiscal integrity of the DOE and allocate the necessary fiscal, strategic, and intellectual capital to central departments, field offices, and schools to ensure that every New York City student has the opportunity to succeed.

The Division of Finance is comprised of a number of sub-divisions that do tremendously important work:

They include:

    For the school year 2010-2011, the Department of Education's total budget is $23.024 billion.

    The Department's $18.8 billion Operating Budget (the total budget less pension and debt service costs) includes funding for principals, teachers, textbooks and supplies. It covers the cost of standardized tests, after-school programs, and school buses, heating and cooling for school buildings, safety and school lunches. It pays for central administration and field support offices, which work with schools to provide support and help improve student achievement.

    The Department also has a Five Year (2010-2014) Capital Plan Budget that includes $11.3 billion to cover costs associated with building new schools, renovationg existing buildings, and investiong in other new assets within school buildings.

    The following resources will provide DOE staff, parents, students, and partners with further information about the Department's budget and important financial projects.

    Citizens Guide to Budget: This guide is intended to help the public school community understand how our schools are funded. The purpose of this guide is to (1) explain the budget and the process we use to create it and, (2) to answer frequently asked questions.

    Individual School Budgets: Detailed information about how funds are being spent at your student's school. Individual School Budget Details