NYC Department of Education E-mail Acceptable Use

“Acceptable” e-mail activities are those that conform to the purpose, goals, and mission of the DOE and to each user's job duties and responsibilities . Users shall have no right to privacy while using the DOE's internet or e-mail system . E-mail may not be used for personal purposes during working hours, except that users may engage in minimal e-mail activities for personal purposes, such as family correspondence, if the use does not diminish the employee's productivity, work product, or ability to perform services for the DOE.

“Unacceptable” use is defined generally as activities using DOE hardware, software, or networks at any time that does not conform to the purpose, goals, and mission of the DOE and to each user's job duties and responsibilities. The following list, although not inclusive, provides some examples of unacceptable uses:

  1. Opening unknown e-mail attachments or introducing computer worms or viruses. Users are prohibited from performing any activity that will or may cause the loss or corruption of data or the abnormal use of computing resources (degradation of system/network performance).
  2. Using e-mail services for private commercial or business transactions and any activity meant to foster personal gain.
  3. Using your DOE e-mail address to subscribe to websites or other internet services that do not conform to your DOE duties and responsibilities.
  4. Conducting non-Department of Education fund raising or public relations activities such as solicitation for religious and political causes or not-for-profit activities.
  5. Transmitting threatening, offensive harassing information (messages or images) containing defamatory, abusive, obscene, pornographic, sexually oriented, racially offensive, or otherwise biased, discriminatory, or illegal material.
  6. Attempting to subvert network security, impair functionality of the network, or bypass restrictions set by the network administrators. Assisting others in violating these rules by sharing information or passwords.
  7. Distributing "junk" mail, such as chain letters, advertisements, or unauthorized solicitations.
  8. Revealing, publicizing, using, or reproducing confidential or proprietary information regarding the DOE including, but not limited to, financial information, databases and/or the information contained therein, computer network access codes, staff or student information and business relationships.

Users should contact their supervisors about questionable e-mail usage.

This e-mail Acceptable Use (EAU) applies to all Department of Education (DOE) employees, temporary employees, consultants, contractors, and anyone given access to e-mail via any DOE electronic device, network, or e-mail service owned, provided or maintained by the DOE . The acceptable uses are an integral part of the DOE Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Users should call the Help Desk at (718) 935-5100 if they experience any problems with opening documents; believe they may have a computer virus, or encounter questionable material or potential threats to the DOE's internet or e-mail system.

NOTE: Users may be subject to limitations on their use of e-mail as determined by their supervisor. The DOE reserves the right to examine any/all e-mail or Internet correspondence for security and/or network management purposes.

Violation of this e-mail policy may result in disciplinary action.