Changing Passwords From OWA

Log into your Outlook Web Access (OWA) as you normally would to retrieve your email at the URL: You must log in with an approved browser to successfully change your password. Approved browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac OSX. For a complete list of compatible browsers click here.

Click on Option in the left hand side of the OWA screen. (see below)

In the right side of the screen, scroll until you see Change Password. Click the Change Password button. (see below)

A Note About Passwords

Passwords are required to be 8 or more characters long.

Passwords are required to be complex.

A password must contain at least 1 of each of the following 3 character types:

  1. Capital letters (ABCD)
  2. Lower case letters (abcd)
  3. Numbers (1234)

Passwords appear as asterisks (*) on the screen, to prevent others from seeing the passwords.

For more information about our password policy please visit the NYCDOE Password Policy page.

At the Internet Service Manager Screen:

  1. Enter your "Central" in the domain field
  2. Enter your alias/login name
  3. Enter your old password
  4. Enter your new password
  5. Enter your new password again
  6. Click OK to return to your Inbox

If you need technical assistance please contact the DOE Helpdesk at (718) 935-5100