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Unwanted e-mails, better known as SPAM are pervasive and unfortunately, unavoidable. A recent study shows that 63% of all e-mail sent is SPAM, up from 46% in April 2003. Many State and local governments as well as the Federal government are scrambling to draft laws that will attempt to minimize SPAM but it is an uphill battle. Although SPAM cannot be totally eliminated, there are steps that can be taken to minimize it. This page is dedicated to tips and tricks and other resources in the fight against spam.

The New York City Department of Education e-mail system is for business purposes only, it is a violation of the Internet Acceptable Usage Policy (IAUP) to use your NYCDOE e-mail account for personal use.

Enabling Microsoft Outlook's Built in Spam Filter(available only in Outlook Full Client)
Microsoft Outlook has a limited rule-based junk mail filter. Its not going to catch all the spam that you are likely to get but its a first step.

In Outlook, click on Tools > Organize

If either the Junk Mail or Adult Content filter is off, click the Turn On buttons.

From now on when you receive any unwanted emails, right click on the offending email and select Junk E-mail > Add to Junk Senders List


Don't Reply to Spam on a Mailing List
You don't want to be a spammer, do you? Replying to spam that appears on a mailing list may make you look like one, though.

Don't Unsubscribe from a Spammer's List
Trying to unsubscribe from a spammer's list will likely result in more spam.

Don't Use Your Primary Email Address to Sign Up for Anything
You never know what might happen to an email address you use to sign up for Web sites or newsletters. It might be passed on to spammers.

Mail not Addressed to You is Likely Spam
They didn't want to reach you, anyway. Mail where you don't know the sender that which is not addressed to you is likely spam.

Mail with "ADV" in the Subject is Spam
Messages that have "ADV" in the Subject are likely spam (or would you use it in any message?).

Messages Containing "One-Time Mailing" Are Spam
One-time mailings get a one-way ticket to the trash.

More Email Addresses Mean More Spam
Spam behaves a lot like cars.

Spammers Track Usage, Too
Here's another reason not to open spam: using embedded images, the spammer may watch you do it, and that may go down on your permanent please-spam-me-some-more record.

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