E-Mail for Teachers

Teacher E-Mail Information

Welcome to Teacher Outlook Email
The Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT) has arranged to extend Outlook services to all classroom teachers. All teachers, administrators and school supervisors have access to common distribution lists and public folders using one e-mail platform. We will be working closely with the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) to provide support to teachers.

Identify Your New Outlook E-mail Address
All TeacherOutlook E-mail addresses will contain the suffix "….@schools.nyc.gov."

Your personal login will consist of your first initial + your last name. As you probably realize, in many cases there will be a duplication of logins. In these cases, a numeral will be added to each individual's login. (i.e., the logins for all individuals named Jane Smith, John Smith, etc. would be jsmith@schools.nyc.gov, jsmith2@schools.nyc.gov, jsmith3@schools.nyc.gov, etc….)

Follow the easy steps below to figure out your own personal login:

  • Go to a school computer which is on the DOE network
  • Go to the DOE's DIIT homepage (http://schools.nyc.gov/diit)
  • Click on the Phone Directory button on the right.
  • Enter your first and last name in the spaces provided. Click Search.
  • Click on your name.
  • Your email address will appear as emailid@schools.nyc.gov. The portion of the name before @schools.nyc.gov is your alias or user name.
  • You can sign onto any DOE computer under your user name with your file number as the initial password

If you find that your account has not been created please Call the NYCDOE help desk at (718)935-5100

Logging Into Outlook Web Access from a Personal Computer
Once you have your username, you can logon from any computer with an internet connection.

Please go to the following url:


A screen like the figure below will appear:

A Choice of Experience
The Premium client gives you the full OWA 2003 interface, whereas the Basic client gives you a scaled-down version with fewer features. The Basic client is quicker due to it offering fewer features. This should help those still using dial-up connections and slower computers to access their OWA mailbox.

Please note that the Premium interface is available only with Microsoft Internet Explorer with Microsoft Windows. All other browsers including those for Macintosh OS will default to basic.

Tweaking Security Options
The Private computer option assumes you are accessing OWA from a trusted computer, such as a computer within your normal office, your home The Public or shared computer option is for those situations where you are accessing OWA from a non-trusted network, such as an Internet cafe or other public area.

The difference between the two options is how long the inactivity timeout will last. With the Public or shared computer option, the timeout is 15 minutes. With the Private computer option, the timeout is 24 hours

  1. Enter "central\" before your user name (aka alias) in the first space (There should be no spaces between characters.)
  2. Enter your password in the second space. Your initial password is your file number and the letters "DoE" (i.e.: if your file number is “123456” then your password will be “123456DoE”)
  3. You will enter the system and be taken to your Inbox

For more help, please visit our Frequently Asked Question page or Documentation page