Wireless Support


MAC (OS9): Internal Wireless Client Adapter using Orinoco in Apple iBook / PowerBook G4

    1. Installing the Agere Orinoco
  • Insert CD ROM and run the “INSTALLER” from the disk. 
  • Remove CD ROM 
  • Reboot 
  • Make sure you are logged in as the Administrator 
  • Click on the Apple Menu on the top left corner of the menu bar 
  • Select Control Panels then select Extensions manager

    2.     Installing the Agere Orinoco Software
  • When the Extensions Manager window opens make sure to,
  • Click on View and select as
  • Packages.
  • The Agere Orinoco Software and Drivers should already be selected.
  • De-Select the Airport Software and Drivers . By selecting on the Main item (i.e. Airport 2.0.4), all items will be unchecked.
  • Reboot
  • Make sure you are logged in as the Administrator.

    3. Agere Orinoco Configuration Click on the Apple Menu : 
  • Click on Control Panels and confirm that Orinoco now appears in the Control Panels and select it. This will bring up the Setup Assistant Menu.
  • Select Join Access Point, Broadband, and Gateway or 3rd party 802.11
  • In the Network Name you should enter the SSID for the school
  • Next (arrows on the bottom)

    4. Agere Orinoco Configuration
  • Click on ADD new Profile.
  • Enter the Configuration Name : use school code
  • Select Edit configuration button, which brings you to: the SSID and WEP

    5. Agere Orinoco Configuration
  • Network Name enter the : SSID
  • Select User Encryption Key and enter the WEP Key.
Note : When entering your WEP key on the books make sure you put a 0x before

    6. Ager Orinoco Configuration
  • This is how you configure the SSID and WEP key.
  • Then Click on SAVE.
  • Go back to : Orinoco Status window and click on the profile created

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