Wireless Support


Internal 11 a/b/g Wireless Buss Card client adapter for IBM Access for X41 Tablet - Page 1 

    1.     IBM Access Connections (V3.72)

*    Go to, START / PROGRAMS
*    Go to ACCESS IBM

    2. Configuration:

*    Select “Manage Connection”
*    Go to “connection setting IBM Access”.

    3 Location and Profile:

*    Click on: Create New Profile
*    Go to Next Window

    4. Choose your Connection type:

*    Name of Location: Put a name other than the SSID. Could be the “school Name”.
*    For Network Connection: Chose Wireless LAN (802.11).
*    Everything else leave UNCHECKED
*    Click NEXT
*    This window will automatically detect your adapter: 11 a,b,g Wireless Adapter
*    Click NEXT.

    5.     Edit TCP/IP Setting:

*    Select “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”
*    Then : Click on Obtain DNS

    6. Edit Advanced DNS:

*    Do not change anything here: this should be default: “Use the Current Advanced DNS setting”.
*    Go to NEXT


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