Wireless Support


(ADU) Aironet Desktop Utility: External Cisco Wireless 802.11 ABG card

    1.     Start Cisco ADU client (A/B/G tri-band  Card configuration).

*    Go to Start
*    Go to  Programs
*    Then ADU utility.
*    Or look for the icon on the desktop.

    2. Starting the ADU client.

*    Open up the Cisco ADU client.
*    Go to the Profile Management tab and click on New.

    3. Profile and SSID.

*    Under the General tab, enter the school code for the Profile name.
*    Enter the SSID.


    4. Security Tab.

*    Click on the Security tab.
*    Click on the radio button for Pre-Shared Key (Static WEP).
*    Then click on configure.

    5. WEP Key.

*    Make sure Hexadecimal is checked
*    Enter the WEP key. 
*    Make sure you are using 40 bit encryption.
*    Click OK and go back to the main utility window.
*    Click on the Profile you created and Activate.


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