Wireless Support


(ACU) Aironet Client Utility: External Cisco Aironet 350 B/ Wireless Client Adapters 

    1. Cisco ACU client (350 cards or CB20A)
*    This is only for the ACU client.
*    Go to Start / All Programs / Cisco ACU.

    2. Starting Cisco ACU client.

*    Start by running the Cisco ACU and Windows will bring up a window like this:

    3.     Profile Manager.

*    Click on Profile Manager.  Enter school ID as the profile name.
*    Click on ADD
*    Then Apply and to next window.

    4. System Parameters
*    Enter the SSID under System Parameters.
*    Leave everything else as the default.
*    lick OK.

    5. Network Security

*    Set Network Authentication to "None"
*    Click on the Network Security tab
*    Under Data Encryption, click the Static WEP radio tab, then click Static WEP Keys.
*    Access Point Authentication should be set to "Open"

    6. Make sure you click on Hexadecimal tab.

*   Enter the WEP key.  Make sure you are using 40 bit encryption.
*   Click OK all the way to exit the ACU.
*   Check to see you have IP connectivity and make sure you can go out to the internet.


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