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Wireless Support


Wireless "do's and don't's"

• Under any circumstances, do not remove the Ethernet cable that is connected to the Access Point in the class room. If this cable is removed, the AP will no longer function and will not be able to provide wireless connectivity to users.

• Removing the Ethernet cable from the data jack and connecting your laptop machine will not allow you to have internet access using that data drop.

• Do not install any wireless Access Points in the school without prior approval or consultation with DIIT.

• Third party wireless Access Points that are not installed by NYCDOE are strictly prohibited and can cause network performance problems.
• Avoid using microwave ovens in proximity of wireless Access Points. Microwaves disrupt or can dramatically slow down the wireless network in your school.
• Avoid using commercial and domestic cordless phones running at 2.4 GH frequencies throughout the school building. When a 2.4Ghz cordless phone is in use, you may experience a drop in performance due to the   interference with the wireless network. 
• The NYCDOE helpdesk will only support NYCDOE installed wireless Access Points and network devices.  

• Please report tampering with wireless Access Points, switches in telecommunication closets or cable connections. Tampering with these devices or connections can cause network outages for our school.

• Tampering will negatively impact the wireless network and will also impact the support services provided to your school as well as other schools.


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