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Wireless Support


Next Generation wireless hardware

Access Point Platform:


Key Features

·  Two IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g radios.

·  2.4 and 5 GHz dual-diversity RP-TNC connectors for external antenna support

·  Rugged metal case

·  32 MB of memory with 16 MB of storage

·  Extended Operating temperature range

·  This AP supports Inline power  (Cisco pre-standard and 802.3af)

·  Support for the NYCDOE required security including Authentication and Encryption standards


Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series Access Point

Second-generation dual-band

lightweight or autonomous access point with dual diversity antenna connectors

Antenna for the new 1242 lightweight AP:

A new dual band (2.4/5 GHz) diversity antenna will be used for the Cisco 1242 APs. The antenna has the right angel RPTNC connectors. The antenna will be mounted on the front of the NEMA enclosure.

Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) Antenna

Controller Platforms:

There are various types of Cisco wireless controllers out in the market. For the DIIT Next Gen wireless there will be three types of WLC deployed based on the school specification. Below figure shows a Cisco Wireless LAN 4404 controller:

Cisco 4400 Wireless LAN Controller

All three controller types, capacity, and the school type each is recommended for, along with the physical ports, are outlined in the chart below:

Table: Wireless Controller Platforms

Controller Type

Controller Capacity

Typical School Type

Gig Eth ports

Cisco 4402 WLC

Controller for up to 25 Cisco lightweight APs

Annex School

2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Cisco 4402 WLC

Controller for up to 50 Cisco lightweight APs

Small School

2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Cisco 4404 WLC

Controller for up to 100 Cisco lightweight APs

High School

4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports


NEMA Enclosure description

In an effort to prevent tampering, and protect access points a NEMA metal enclosure has been specifically designed to host the Aironet 1200 series Cisco Access points. 

The AP-1242 will be installed in a new wall mounted, lightweight metal enclosure. This enclosure will allow the access point to be installed using the factory provided mounting bracket.

The antenna will be mounted on the exterior of the enclosure, using a one inch circular opening on the enclosure.

The front panel utilizes a standard latch assembly used on earlier versions of the enclosure, and a gasket to provide a secure non-vibrating seal. Multiple knockouts for cabling are available at the top, bottom, and rear of the assembly. Ventilation openings are included as well.

The color of the enclosure will match that of the antenna for a more esthetically acceptable application.

The following are the external dimensions for the new enclosure:

• Width  10”
• Height  12”
• Depth  4.41”


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