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Wireless Support


Windows 7 PSK Configuration Guide.


The purpose of this page is to describe the procedure to configure Open WEP on Windows 7 laptops.

    1.     Click on the Wireless Icon in the systray

  • If you don’t see the wireless icon on the systray, click on the windows icon, type “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.

A pop-up window comes up showing the Network Connections.

  • Double Click on the “Wireless Network Connection” icon.

    2. Click on the "Open Network and Sharing Center" link.


    3.     A pop-up windows comes up showing the Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on "Manage wireless networks"

    4. A pop-up windows comes up showing the Managed Wireless Networks

Click on "Add"

    5. A pop-up window comes up,  select "Manually create a network profile"

Configure the wireless network:
Network name:    

The SSID should be either “WJBOEXXXXX” where “XXXXX” is the RackID; or “DOETWAC00M001vlYYY” where “YYY” is the VLAN ID

Security type:    From the pull-down select WEP  
Security Key:    WEP key for your school     
Hide characters:  Check
Start this connection automatically:    Check 
Connect even if the network is not broadcasting:   Check

Click "Next"


    7. Click "Close"


Check Wireless Connectivity

    8. Click on the Wireless Icon in the systray and verify connectivity.

    9. The “Wireless Network Connection” window will now display that you are connected to your school network in this case “DOETWAC00M001vl90g


    10. Confirm that you have wireless connectivity by using your browser. Make sure you successfully connect to the NYCDOE Home Page: http://schools.nyc.gov/

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