Getting Started

Become a Webmaster for your school

Who can be a Webmaster for a school?
Anyone who is a DOE employee and has permission from their principal can sign up to become a webmaster.  School Webmasters are assigned by the school principals per the IAUP (Internet Acceptable Use Policy). All school Webmasters must be DOE employees. The principal must confirm by e-mail before the registration of a Webmaster will be approved.  Please contact your network leader to arrange training.

Do I need any experience creating web pages?
No, you don't need any previous experience. The Content Management System is easy to use and requires no knowledge of HTML.

How do I become a Webmaster?
Prior to accessing CMS, webmaster for school based locations must have principal authorization on file. Principals are instructed to fill out the Authorization form and send email to  (We will only accept authorization originating from the principals email address). Approximately 10 days after receiving this form your identified webmaster will receive an email with instructions.

How do I get training?
CMS training for school webmasters is being handled by networks and schools should be in touch with their network to schedule training.