Updating Your School Web site

Customize the look of your school's web site

Your school's web site can be customized to conform to your school's branding. The site can have customized:
  • colors
  • logo
  • motto
  • photograph of the front of your school

You can also choose two different themes, a classic or modern style. Below are examples:

Modern Style

Classic Style

Get Your School's web site Customized
The School Principal or Webmaster must send an email to owsinfo@schools.nyc.gov attaching this Excel spreadsheet- please do not send multiple emails. 

In the Excel spreadsheet you will see the following columns to fill out: 

  1. Borough and number of school (required)  Example: R 470
  2. Name and DOE email address of school webmaster (required)
  3. School Principal contact information (required)
  4. School colors (optional) Choose a color scheme of no more than two colors – for example, red and white, yellow and black, etc. – consistent with your school colors if you have any. If your school doesn’t have official colors and you want to leave the choice up to our graphics department, please state that in your request.
  5. School logo (optional) Include your school’s logo with your request. This should be a digital image (jpg, gif, png, etc.) of your school’s logo that our Graphics Department will incorporate into your school banner.  If you don't have a school logo, you can just omit this step.
  6. School motto (optional) The school motto should be a short phrase and it will appear in the banner of your school.
  7. Picture of the school (optional)(jpg, gif or png format - must be an image of the front of the school, should be 318 pixels wide at 72dpi.) (optional) Include a photograph of the front of your school with your customization request. This photo will be put on the home page of your school portal and will replace the picture of 52 Chambers Street that is the current placeholder.
  8. Select one of the template styles: Classic or Modern (required) See above for examples of Classic and Modern styles

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. You will receive an e-mail letting you know when the customization is complete.