Region and School Websites

Please note that the processes for developing and maintaining self-developed websites have not changed. However, the organizational structure has changed.   Instructional Technology Specialists  (ITS) are now responsible for school and region websites. The Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP) must be enforced. It is currently under review for revision. Click here  to view the IAUP.

In the near future, schools will be able to update and add content to specified areas of their dynamic DOE websites using the Microsoft Content Management System (CMS).

Self-Developed Region websites

Regions can create their own websites, and request links to those sites from the existing region pages. The superintendent can request an FTP account for the staff member(s) assigned to create and maintain the website. It is important to note that DIIT is not responsible for the content or maintenance of these websites, nor can we offer technical support.

Region self-developed websites are housed at http://schools.nycenet.edu/.

Self-Developed School Websites


School self-developed websites are currently housed at http://schools.nycenet.edu and are organized according to region. Individual school URLs are created using the region number and the school number. For instance, Aviation High School in region 4 can be found at http://schools.nycenet.edu/region4/q610.  

Procedure to request that your school site be hosted at the DOE schools.nycenet.edu server:

1. Download the FTP request; fill it out and send it to the ITS . Remember that FTP permissions will be granted only to DOE employees that have an existing Outlook account. For information about obtaining an Outlook account, contact the helpdesk (718-935-5100)
2. The ITS will review and sign the form and forwarded to DIIT. 
3. DIIT will create a folder or directory under the corresponding region. Additionally, FTP permissions (access) to the folder will be granted to those users authorized in the form.
4. The FTP information will be emailed to the users authorized in the form. Once the users receive the FTP information, they can start uploading the school webpages to the school folder.
5. Once the school site is uploaded to http://schools.nycboe.net/and has been tested, an email can be sent to the ITS and to DIIT ( OWSinfo@schools.nyc.gov ) so that we can link to it from the DOE dynamic CMS school web pages. 

To create a link to your self-developed school website on the main page of the DOE CMS driven school website, please contact your ITS or email OWSinfo@schools.nyc.gov .


For guidelines and procedures for creating school self-developed websites, please click on the Web Development and Posting link.

FTP request forms can be found at
/Offices/FinanceandAdministration/DIIT/WebServices/WWWForms/wwwForms.htm .
New FTP forms must be signed by the principal and/or superintendent and faxed to the ITS for approval. The ITS will then forward the signed form to Web Management Services.
For addition information, please go to:

Existing self-developed school websites

FTP information requests for existing websites can be sent by the ITSs to the DIIT web administrators at

Forms for new accounts can be found at:

DoE Dynamic Region and School Websites

Regions and schools will be able to add and edit content to specified areas of their dynamic DoE websites using the Microsoft Content Management System (CMS). The Microsoft Content Management System will allow users to create new pages and update content under a section created by DIIT specifically for this purpose. Regions must submit the names of the main sections to DIIT so that the appropriate channels and the corresponding links can be created on the websites. Note that to maintain consistency for parents and the rest of the viewing public, all the region websites will contain the same type of information. The pages will be built dynamically so that the data is region-specific.

The ITSs are responsible for the content and maintenance of these websites, and DIIT will provide technical support.

DIIT will work with the ITSs to further define the DoE dynamic region and school websites.

When regions and schools need to post official data to their sites which reside in central databases, such as DAA reports, a request should be sent to DIIT so that we can dynamically pull the data from the source database. Common links to the data will appear in all region and/or school website; when displayed, the data will be school/region specific. This will ensure data accuracy and uniformity.