Top 10 Web Site Errors

1. Aggressive, non-stop animation - Make sure your customers don't confuse your important content with irrelevant advertising.

2. Orphan pages that don't indicate whose site you're on - Clearly identify your DOE division or office.

3."Splash" screens that exist merely to point to another Web page - A large percentage of visitors never make it past these well-intentioned introductory pages.

4. Long, scrolling pages - Did you know that the majority of users totally miss content not immediately visible? Increase your site's effectiveness by streamlining your design.

5. Not enough of the right content, too much of the wrong stuff - Learn the vital difference between archival information and outdated content ...avoid losing credibility.

6. Long download times - Research shows that after 10 seconds, users lose interest- design a speedy site!

7. Multimedia overkill - Just because you can doesn't mean you should & How much is too much?

8. Breaking up the screen with frames - These are confusing for your visitors choose what design strategies work better.

9. Dead links - 60% of users recently surveyed cited "linkrot" as one of the biggest problems on the Web & Make sure all you links function properly.

10. Awkward Navigation - Did you know the average web site user can find the information he or she wants only 42% of the time. Help your users navigate your site with ease.