School Leadership Team

A series of webinar trainings for School Leadership Teams (SLTs) members is now available. Registration and viewing instructions can be found at Learn DOE. These webinars are designed for SLT members to view as a team or individually. SLT members can view the webinars to fulfill annual training requirements, as per Chancellor's Regulation A-655

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Training Overview

School Leadership Teams: A Foundation for School-Based Planning and Shared Decision Making

An overview of the history and purpose of School Leadership Teams, with a discussion of SLT roles and responsibilities:  including strategies for consensus based decision-making and Comprehensive Educational Plan goal development.

Supporting Title I Programs

An overview of Title I program requirements, with an emphasis on parent involvement and the supports available at the school, district, and CFN levels. This presentation will also provide a summary of and links to available resources.  

The Comprehensive Education Plan as a Living Document: Determining the Effectiveness of the Plan

A look at the role of the SLT in the ongoing planning, review, and improvement process. Teams will be trained to assess interim progress, make revisions to action plans, and realign resources. 

Special Education Reform: Basics for SLTs

This presentation is an overview and explanation of the New York City Department of Education’s special education reform and how it relates to your school. It outlines the need for special education reform, describes the reform and how it may impact your school and your work as an SLT member.