School Visits

Many schools invite parents to visit their children’s classrooms. School visits give parents a chance to understand what their children are learning and better understand how they can support learning at home.

If you want to visit your child’s school, please follow these tips:

  • Contact your school secretary or parent coordinator to schedule a visit on a day and time that is convenient and will not disrupt the school’s instructional program. It is generally not a good idea to visit schools during morning line-up, change of classes, testing periods, or dismissal.
  • Consider who you would like to meet with on your visit. Depending on why you are visiting, you might want to talk with the principal, a classroom teacher, a guidance counselor, the parent coordinator or other school staff. Ask the school secretary or parent coordinator to arrange any desired meetings.
  • When you are visiting a school, do not disrupt your child’s class. Talking to your children during classroom visits is discouraged.

Should you encounter any difficulties in setting up an appointment to visit your child’s school, talk to your Parent Coordinator to understand school policy or contact your District Family Advocate.