Translation and Interpretation

We are committed to helping families bridge the language barriers that can keep them from getting involved in their children’s education.

The Department of Education's Translation and Interpretation Unit was created in 2004 as a resource to help schools and offices communicate with non-English proficient families. In 2006, Chancellor’s Regulation A-663 was implemented to formalize the Department’s commitment to providing language services to non-English proficient families.

The Translation and Interpretation Unit also provides translation of written materials to schools at the request of principals. Examples of written materials translated for schools include letters, school handbooks, meeting notices, school calendars, and school newsletters. The Unit also provides one-to-one, over the phone interpretation services to schools. These services facilitate conversations between parents and school staff members.

Non-English speaking parents have a right to request interpretation services and schools must honor the request by phoning the Translation and Interpretation Unit hotline, which is accessible only to schools and internal DOE offices.

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