Support for Families

The key responsibility of the Division of Family and Community Engagement is supporting families by helping them to find answers and resolve problems. 

Under Mayor Bloomberg, the Department of Education has created a range of family support roles and offices responsible for serving the needs of New York City public school families.

Foundational Support

Parent Coordinators
Mayor Bloomberg created this position in 2002, so that each school would have one person responsible for engaging parents and answering their questions. They work closely with principals, school staff, school leadership teams, parent associations, community groups, and parent advisory councils to serve families.

District Family Advocates
We created these crucial family support staff positions in the 2007-08 school year so that parents could get answers and support within the district. They are ready to help families answer questions and solve problems. They also work closely with Parent Coordinators.

This is New York City's citizens' hotline. It provides the public with quick, easy access to all New York City government services—including key information about Education.

Translation and Interpretation Services
We created the Translation and Interpretation Unit in 2004 as a resource to help schools and offices communicate with families for whom English is not a first language. We translate into the eight major foreign languages spoken by NYC families, providing a range of services and translated materials to schools for families.

School Visits
Many schools invite parents to visit their children’s classrooms. School visits give parents a chance to understand what their children are learning and better understand how they can support learning at home. We provide helpful hints to families interested in making a visit.