Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management

MWBE Diversity Council

From left:  Amaziah (Bill) Howell, DCP Procurement Director Angela Edwards, Crystal Barnes, General Counsel Courtenaye Jackson-Chase, Danny Camacho, Diane Crothers, Reverend Jacques Andre DeGraff (Chair), Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, OEO Senior Associate Counsel Odelia Levy, OEO Executive Director Mecca E. Santana, DCP Executive Director David N. Ross, Sheena Wright, Lourdes Zapata, Lynda Ireland, and (Former) Chief Operating Officer Veronica Conforme.  Not pictured:  DCP Chief Administrator Ray Burke, Walter J. Edwards, and Rabbi Robert G. Kaplan.

In 2012, the DOE established a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (“MWBE”) Diversity Council, comprised of diversity and procurement leaders, to further DOE’s commitment to equal opportunity in procurement for all vendors.  The DOE MWBE Diversity Council meets with representatives from the Division of Contracts and Purchasing (“DCP”), the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management (“OEO”), and DOE leaders on a monthly basis to study the agency’s MWBE procurement policies and identify ways to enhance MWBE participation.  Recommendations for broadening MWBE access to DOE procurements include a program wherein select offices will be required to solicit at least one bid from an MWBE for small purchases as well as strategically examining large procurements for potential areas of MWBE opportunity.

The members1 of the DOE MWBE Diversity Council are:

• Crystal Barnes, Vice President of Industry Relations, Nielsen
• Danny Camacho, Manager, MTA Department of Diversity and Civil Rights
• Diane Crothers, Former Chief Diversity Officer, New York City
• Reverend Jacques Andre De Graff (Chair)
• Walter J. Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Full Spectrum of NY, LLC
• Amaziah (Bill) Howell, President, Howell Industries
• Lynda Ireland, President and CEO, New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.
• Rabbi Robert G. Kaplan, Director, CAUSE-NY
• Sheena Wright, President and CEO, United Way of New York City
• Lourdes Zapata, Senior Vice President, South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO)

For additional information about the DOE MWBE Diversity Council, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management at (718) 935-4987.

1The individual titles of the DOE MWBE Diversity Council Members are listed solely for identification purposes.