Contract Compliance Sample Forms

As mandated in the Department’s Request For Proposal and Bidder's Instructions for Contracts of $100,000 or more, vendors who wish to do business with the Department of Education (BOE) must provide to the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) an acceptable written "Affirmative Action Plan" (AAP). In submitting their proposals, vendor's AAP must demonstrate sufficient substantive policies, quantitative goals and readiness of implementation. The following areas should be addressed within the document:
  • Policy Statement
  • Purpose of Plan
  • Overall Implementation of Plan
  • Administrative Responsibility
  • Role of Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Workforce Analysis including Salaries
  • Hiring Procedures and Standards
  • Procedures and Standards
  • Training for Job Advancement
  • Underutilization
  • Employment Goals and Timetable
  • Other Applicable Statutes and Regulations
  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program Audits.
Contract Approval Process
Sample Documents and Forms

Contract Compliance Approval Process

The following is the process used by the Contract Compliance Unit:

1) All Request for authorizations are sent to OEO for approval. A letter to the companies is emailed requesting an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP/Policy Statement) and their Workforce Profile Form (WPF). Companies are then given 10 business days to respond or they may be asked to respond immediately due to urgency of approval.

2) All transactions are entered into an internal tracking system to ensure status of the contract.

3) The company should respond to requests for all information as soon as possible.  Any delay may hinder approval.

4) Technical assistance is provided to prospective vendors.

5) Upon submission of the AAP and WPF, the compliance unit reviews the documents to determine if the plan satisfies the EEO/AA requirements.

6) If the plan meets the requirements, an approval for award of the contract is given and is returned to the appropriate office.


Listed below are sample forms and the Salary Code Table:

Sample Affirmative Action Plan Workforce Profile Form (WPF)
Sample Policy Statement Salary Code Table


If you are developing your own Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) or Policy Statement, we recommend that you seek legal counsel or you can utilize Sample Forms directly above. Use what is relevant to your company. You can also use the Workforce Profile (WPF) and Salary Code Table for your company’s employment profile submission.

Companies with 50 or more employees need to submit a copy of their Affirmative Action Plan and Workforce Profile Form.

Companies with fewer than 50 employees only need to submit a copy of their EEO policy statement and a completed WPF.

The WPF must be fully completed for all personnel including owner, CEO, etc.