Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management

The Office of Equal Opportunity's (OEO) purpose is to serve the students and staff of the New York City Department of Education. Our function is to educate students,  parents of students, teachers, administrators and Department of Education staff members regarding their rights and responsibilities.  In doing so, we will promote and ensure compliance with all aspects of federal, state and city laws, as well as the Department's policies and regulations.

The Office of Equal Opportunity provides on-site EEO training.  To request an EEO workshop at your location, please fill out the Staff Development Workshop Central Office Staff Series Order Form the Staff Development Workshop School Staff Series Order Form.

Message from President Obama on Bullying


  • The Complaint Unit investigates complaints of educational and employment discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • The Diversity Management Unit promotes and monitors compliance with the 2009 Amendments to the School Governance Law relating to diversity and inclusion in hiring, retention and Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) procurement.
    The Diversity Management Unit also oversees the agency’s Title IX compliance.  Title IX complaints are investigated under Chancellor’s Regulation A-830.  

  • The Disability Unit investigates complaints of discrimination based on disability.  The unit also facilitates requests for disability accommodations. 
  • The Contract Compliance unit reviews, monitors, assists and maintains all documents relating to vendor submissions of their Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) and Workforce Profile Forms (WPF).
  • In addition to providing basic training on the DOE’s Non-Discrimination Policy, OEO provides tailored workshops and training for DOE employees on such topics as: sexual harassment, the complaint process and diversity/sensitivity awareness in the workplace.