Senior Field Counsel

Each superintendent and principal has a designated senior attorney and a paralegal to provide legal support.

The Senior Field Counsel provide direct assistance to administrators and school leadership in resolving matters with legal implications. The attorneys also provide guidance in interpreting and implementing the Chancellor’s Regulations.

Senior Field Counsel can provide legal guidance in many areas, including:

  • Labor and Employment law, including employee discipline
  • student safety and health
  • student discipline
  • school policies, including religious accommodations, dress codes, school trips, school security, student health, etc.
  • facilities issues
  • other school-based legal issues as needed
  • assist with responses to litigation, human rights investigations, student discipline matters and other legal matters

The Senior Field Counsel also provide regular trainings to school leadership on a variety of legal issues. Specific trainings can be requested through your Senior Field Counsel.

School Based Investigation Links

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