Training, Process Improvement, and School Support

Training, Process Improvement, and School Support

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An integral part of OAG's mission is to safeguard assets utilized by DOE schools to educate students. The Training, Process Improvement, and School Support unit in collaboration with DOE leadership performs process reviews, where high risk areas are identified for process mapping. In depth flow charts of existing procedures are produced, risks identified and process maps of recommended changes proposed. Completed process reviews include procurement, extended use, new pedagogues hire and the removal of pedagogues from payroll.

Internal Control Officers:

OAG has assigned Internal Control Officers (ICOs) to support schools. Currently, ICOs roles are to assist schools in identifying internal control weaknesses and helping with implementing corrective measures. This is attained through consulting and training of school staff. Additionally, ICOs perform follow-up reviews to ensure that schools implement past audit recommendations made by the OAG and other external firms or agencies.


Internal Control Trainings are conducted either in large groups or in one-on-one sessions, as needed. Group trainings are normally coordinated with the Childrens First Networks (CFN) and are attended by more than one school. Group training combines presentations and exercises and creates a forum that allows schools to ask questions and get timely responses. One-on-one trainings are conducted at each school. The focus of which is school operations where the ICO makes recommendations to improve school processes.

A list of the available training areas is below:

  • Timekeeping & Per Session
  • Per Diem & Class Coverage
  • General School Funds
  • Parent/Parent-Teacher Association (PA/PTA)
  • Purchasing
  • Procurement Card (P-Card)
  • Inventory
  • Fire Drills & Safety
  • MetroCards


"The knowledge and expertise which the ICO exemplified enabled us to feel comfortable asking many questions. All the information discussed was relevant."

"I learned how to safeguard my position as a principal. As a principal, I am responsible for all financial concerns."

"The most valuable portion of the program was having someone sit down one- on- one to discuss the issues revolving around audits."

"The most valuable portion was the ability to ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner. There wasn't anything I consider least valuable about the way the time was spent."

"The entire workshop was informative and resourceful! I thoroughly enjoyed the small test at the end to gauge an individual’s knowledge."

"Overall the program was extremely informative and valuable to what we do on a daily basis."

"All aspects of this training were valuable, e.g. timekeeping, purchasing, metrocards, etc."

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Internal Control Resources:

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