Compliance Services


The Office of Compliance Services (OCS) promotes and monitors compliance with key legal mandates, including federal and state educational and instructional programs, finance, facilities, safety, student services and youth development. OCS also works with principals to design and implement solutions to address compliance concerns.

OCS has aligned Compliance Officers (CO) to support  Principals within CFN  Networks. 

COs have a broad range of knowledge and expertise ranging from Budget, Contracts, Discipline, ELL, Internal Controls, Legal, Procurement, Payroll, Special Education and Youth Development.  They assist Principals and their designees  with technical support and guidance as it relates to the compliance functions across all areas within the DOE.

Principals, please visit the Principals' Portal (click on Legal Services, then General Counsel) to determine the designated Compliance Officer for your school.

Compliance Officers

Arnold Ali
(212) 374-6037

Maxine Payne
(212) 374-6039

Marco Di Fava
(718) 642-5738

Katie Raab
(212) 356-3805

Idelcy Lando
(718) 741-7038

Darwin Ramdin
(718) 935-3672

Ron Leone
(212) 356-7528

Odell Suero
(718) 741-7022

Jacques Michel
(718) 935-3779

Danny Nunez
(718) 642-5732

Tara Toure
(718) 935-5706