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School-Based Health Centers

Resources and Publications


The Office of School Health (OSH), a collaborative effort between the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) provides school-based health centers providers with support as needed. Below is a list of resources for SBHCs:

Enrollment Toolkit: OSH requires that all SBHCs enroll at a least 75% of the students in the schools they serve. There are certainly challenges that SBHCs face with enrollment efforts, therefore OSH has developed a resource toolkit for providers and school administrators. Please click here to download toolkit.

For more resources to improve enrollment OSH has developed the following templates for SBHCs to adapt to their own sites:

1.     SBHC Newsletter: This template provides a basic design for a SBHC newsletter.  Providers should adapt this version to their own sites. This newsletter is an important tool for the SBHC to share information on services, importance of enrollment, and upcoming events with the school staff, students, and parents. Please click here for a sample newsletter.

2.     Letter to Principals: This draft letter to principals is a tool for SBHC program administrators to introduce SBHC services and staff to a new principal or remind returning principals of continued services. This letter is useful to send at the beginning of each school year or as staffing or services change. Please click here for a sample letter. 

3.     Letter from Principals to Parents: This draft letter to parents can be printed on school letterhead and sent out by the principal. The letter informs parents of SBHC services and explains the benefits of enrollment. Please click here for a sample letter. 


NYC Department of Education: For individual school contacts and demographics, official DOE calendar, and general information.

Chancellor's RegulationsFor information on current Chancellor's Regulations.

NYS Department of Health: For information on state information the School Health program and grant opportunities.

Center for Health and Health Care in Schools: For resources and publications for school-based health care.

US Department of Education: For resources and publications from the U.S. Department of Education for grants from the Federal Register.

Center for Disease Control: For updated information on national health topics and health related publications visit.

SIECUS: For materials and publications on sexuality information and education.



Improving the Relationship Between SBHC and School Administration: It is important that SBHC staff and school principals nurture and sustain a friendly and effective collaboration, as well as ongoing communication; otherwise, the long-term effectiveness of a SBHC can be seriously compromised. As part of a DOE quality improvement survey, OSH has developed a paper titled “Bridging the Gap Between Principals and School-Based Health Center Staff.” This paper outlines some common challenges and recommendations for sustaining and improving the relationship between principals and SBHCs. Please click here to download the full-text version of the paper.


If you have any questions please contact Dr. Marcelo De Stefano, Director, SBHC, Dental Clinics, and Health Insurance at mdestefano4@schools.nyc.gov  or Solluz Melendez, Program Coordinator at smelendez7@schools.nyc.gov