Office of Postsecondary Readiness

The office researches and develops school and program models that help students graduate from high school ready for college and careers. 

Are you a
Student planning for college? 
     -Check out the College Planning Handbook 
     -Visit NYC College Line for the latest resources and programs related to college. Learn about starting the process, preparing for, getting in, paying for, staying in, and graduating college. Updated regularly with live webinars and student scholarship contests.  
Family member, helping a student?  
     -Read the parent’s guide to Planning for Success
     -Tell them about NYC College Line  
Student (ages 15-21) and still need a high school diploma before moving on to college/career? Then, explore Other Ways to Graduate

More post secondary readiness resources:
College and career readiness benchmarks for student development

School Time Lab is a two-year research effort examining how schools use the fundamental resource of time to provide opportunities for all students to enroll in the higher-level coursework and developmental experiences necessary for college and career. This report includes an overview chapter describing key themes, trade-offs and strategies; and provides individual case studies on ten model schools. A Reader’s Guide is included at the end to help navigate the report and apply lessons learned.

Career and technical education programs give students opportunities to master academic, technical, and workforce skills in specific industries. CTE includes work-based learning and internships    

Digital Learning Programs:
   •  Connected Foundations :a blended learning, digital literacy and postsecondary planning program in 69 public high schools
   •  Digital Ready :a school-redesign program that supports personalized learning and other student-centered practices in 10 public high schools
   • Software Engineering Pilot (SEP) :a computer science curriculum-development and teacher-training program in 18 public middle and high schools

NYC P-TECH Early College and Career 9-14 schools offer six-year programs in which students can earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree while gaining job-related experiences  and skills

the Expanded Success Initiative, a research and design project in 40 schools as well as a new high school model development effort designed to improve college readiness and career outcomes for Black and Latino young men

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