Office of Space Planning

The Office of Space Planning is the Chancellor's designee in the allocation of space in all educational and administrative facilities.

  • Advise senior leadership on all space related matters
  • Provide detailed space utilization analysis on both educational and administrative facilities
  • Provide first-hand support to Principals on space related issues
  • Support Principals in co-locations in areas of shared space schedules, collaboration, and campus governance 
  • Support Chancellor's initiatives by way of providing strategic space and capital planning
  • Serve as liaison to the New York City's Design Commission


The Department of Education has many schools and instructional programs that are accessible to mobility impaired students. For general inquiries about accessibility, please contact the Office of Space Planning at

Transportable Classroom Units

The Department of Education is continuing its commitment to remove all Transportable Classroom Units (TCUs) across the City. The schedule of removal for each unit is contingent upon capacity constraints within the area and the desires of local school communities. 

For a list of 
Transportable Classroom Units that have been removed to date, please click here.

For a list of Transportable Classroom Units that have been scheduled for removal, please click here.

For a list of Transportable Classroom Units that have not been scheduled for removal, please click here.

Campus Governance

The Office of Campus Governance supports schools in co-located campuses in NYC DOE buildings by assisting Building Councils on issues related to shared space. It also provides professional development opportunities for school leaders to create effective communication protocols, a positive educational environment, and collaboration. For inquiries or more information, please contact the Office of Campus Governance at

Facilities Portfolio Committee

The Facilities Portfolio Committee is a cross-functional team tasked with coordinating various New York City Department of Education strategic initiatives in support of instructional goals and objectives. The committee develops policies and procedures with respect to facilities planning and utilization.

Facilities Teams

The Facilities Teams are borough-based cross-functional teams that are responsible for efficiently and effectively addressing any building specific issues. For a list of Facilities Teams by borough, please click here.