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Office of Safety and Youth Development

Emergency Readiness

A vital component of emergency readiness within the DOE is the School Safety Plan (SSP). As part of the Safety Plan, schools/campuses must identify individual staff members to become BRT members.  In campus settings, each school must have one representative on the BRT.  The BRT members are hand selected by the Principal(s) to manage all school-related emergencies until the first responders arrive.  In addition, all schools implement General Response Protocols (GRP) which outlines the initial actions to be taken if an incident results in an Evacuation, Shelter-In, or a Lockdown. These actions are based on the use of common language to initiate the measures all school communities will take in a variety of incidents. 

All staff, and students receive training in the GRP and drills are conducted at various times throughout the school year. Lessons have been designed for different grade levels so that the information is delivered to students without causing unnecessary alarm. Information on the GRP is sent home to parents help guide conversations with their children about emergency readiness in schools.

Families are also encouraged to register with Notify NYC to receive information about emergency events, and call 311 for additional information about a school during an emergency.

To learn more about General Response Protocols (GRP) please refer to the one page summary below:

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Bengali                    Chinese
French                      Haitian Creole
Korean                     Russian
Spanish                   Urdu

Key Links for School Staff:

School staff members who need additional information can visit the Principals' Portal Safety and Emergency Resources page.