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Respect For All Week

IS 24 Myra S. Barnes - Staten Island

IS 24 - RFA Week   IS 24 - RFA Week
IS 24 - RFA Week   IS 24 - RFA Week

In an effort to promote positive interpersonal relationship skills , IS 24 Myra S. Barnes has created a Student Leadership Team by using the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" as its guiding framework. The goal is to help students gain confidence in their ability to be proactive, effectively plan, and put important things first, such as how to get along with and respect others. Students are learning how to have a win-win attitude and be more effective listeners, which will help them value others from diverse backgrounds. The principles being reinforced are to respect yourself and others from all backgrounds because everyone has something positive to offer.

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.