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Respect For All Week

Newcomers High School - Queens

During Respect for All Week, teachers at Newcomers High School are infusing various anti-bullying lessons into their weekly classes. In addition, some teachers have committed to having a six-week minicourse (a class that meets once/week) dedicated to the topic. In conjunction with their lessons, they are showing the film "Bullied by Teaching Tolerance", and attending a special assembly for Respect for All on Wednesday, February 15. At this assembly, the human rights class at Newcomers High School will be working with several classes, leading lessons on stopping bullying. They will then screen the film "Class Actions" and by "Not in Our Town." The film will be followed by a large-group discussion about how students can create a safer, bully-free school.

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the 
Respect For All initiative.