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Respect For All Week

PS 119 Amersfort - Brooklyn

Watch students respond to the question “Why A Mountain ?”

For the last several years, fifth grade students at PS 119 have analyzed an excerpt of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s last speech in which he speaks about being to the mountain top. The lesson “Why a Mountain?” involves students in discussions focused on Dr. King’s use of poetic imagery in his speeches and on the civil rights struggle as they use the mountain as a timeline of famous historic events in the struggle for civil rights. A visiting Service in Schools intern Ugonna Igweatu, a film student at Yale, who was at the school last year to attend the school’s Pajama Program Service Award Ceremony donated his time to create this video of students’ poetry written in response to the question “Why A Mountain ?”

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.