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Respect For All Week

PS 290 Manhattan New School

PS 290 The Manhattan New School does several things throughout the year to promote respect amongst community members. All these endeavors are supported and encouraged by  Principal Sharon Hill, who places a great value on the social-emotional development of students that fosters respect, along with a sense of commitment to contributing to a peaceful environment. 

Technology Teacher, Steve Jaffe, supervised an anti-bullying poster display by the fifth grade classes. Mr. Jaffe teaches the "No Place for Hate" curriculum to fourth and fifth graders. This display was created by students in the beginning of the year and is displayed throughout the school year in a main hallway for all students to stop and read.

School Counselor, Valerie Radetzky, and School Psychologist, Anita Lee, teach the "Project EXSEL" curriculum throughout the year to all kindergarten and third grade classes. Based on Dan Goleman's work on social and emotional intelligence, the curriculum supports students in their development of social-emotional learning and competencies. Included are lessons on respecting one another's similarities and differences, cultural and learning differences.

School Counselor, Valerie Radetzky, organizes a group, KIDS PROJECT, to come in and present workshops and puppet shows to kindergarten through third grade classes. KIDS PROJECT performs shows with themes of appreciating what makes us all the same and respecting what makes us different.

Assistant Principal, Doreen Esposito, lead fifth grade classes on poster project that focused on respecting the elderly. These posted are displayed around the school and address (amongst other themes) riding scooters and other recreational vehicles responsibly in the neighborhood. 

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.