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Respect For All Week

Urban Assembly Academy of Civic Engagement

The Urban Assembly Academy of Civic Engagement held a successful school-wide Anti-Gossip Campaign during April 11-15, 2011.

In early January, Christine Panetta, who is the advisor for the My School, My Community program met with students to discuss gossip and rumors and the harmful impact they have on life as a middle school student. The conversations led to the launch of Anti-Gossip Week.

Students from the My School, My Community program as well as student government worked to create lesson plans for advisory, decorated the hallways with posters and recorded skits that students listened to in class using Media Player.

The students also went to a graphic design workshop and created a logo (a snake going through the ear) which eventually landed on t-shirts that were distributed throughout the school. 

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.