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Respect For All Week

Brooklyn: I.S. 96 Seth Low RFA Week Activities

For I.S. 96 Seth Low, Respect For All isn't just a weeklong affair. They held an assembly on bullying to each grade which included a DVD on bullying with a follow up discussion led by the grade dean and members of the student government and their moderator. At the conclusion of the assembly all students were asked to participate in a Stop Bullying: Hands Against Bullying Campaign. They're asked to decorate and sign a hand signifying their pledge not to bully and to report all suspected bullying to an adult or school official. The school has set a goal for the number of received hands and have began to decorate a tremendous bulletin board outside of their main office with the hands. Hands were given to homeroom room teachers, and students were encouraged to submit their signed hands. At the close of Respect for All Week the number of hands collected will be announced. 

Other activities planned for the week include:
  • A door decorating contest. Teachers will discuss with their class what respect means to them, and how they can contribute to their school community by showing respect. After their discussions they will depict their findings in the form of a mural or collage on their classroom door. Doors will be judged by student government. A winner on each grade will be determined and receive a prize
  • Caught doing something respectful campaign. Throughout the week, the principal, assistant principals, and deans will randomly acknowledge students who go out of their way to be kind and respectful to their peers and staff. Students will be rewarded with pencils, sports passes, trip invitations and good phone calls home!
  • On Monday, February 14, to kickoff to RFA Week, Encore will come and present a play. A question and answer session will follow each performance.
  • Throughout the entire week, guidance counselors will be visiting classes and teaching lessons on respecting themselves and their bodies as well as others.
The above photo is the Stop Bullying: Hands Against Bullying Campaign board showing all of the students hands who pledged to not bully and to report all suspected bullying to an adult or school official.

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.