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Respect For All Week

Bronx Regional High School


On February 15, Bronx Regional High School celebrated Respect For All Week by holding an assembly for the school to watch a performance called Acceptance and Pride produced by the organization, Pride Not Prejudice. Students and staff at Bronx Regional enjoyed the performance as it touched on themes of race and sexuality. Students learned that everyone is different in some way, and we need to respect each other for those differences. The performers also made the show fun to watch as they were passionate and comidic. The best part of the performance was after the finale when cast members held a question and answer period for students. This part really allowed for the performance to become interactive as students had to stand up among their peers and ask questions to the cast. What really impressed staff was how mature and respectful students were towards the show's themes and cast.

This story is part of a series to promote the ongoing school-based programs and activities through the Respect For All initiative.