Over-the-phone Interpretation Services

Over-the-phone interpretation services offers the ability to communicate with a parent with the assistance of an interpreter on the phone.


How can I get over-the-phone interpretation services?

Call 718-752-7373 to get over-the-phone interpretation services in 150 languages.  Press "4" to request an interpreter. 

Services are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except on select holidays). These hours are extended during scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences. 

Who can access these services?

Over-the-phone interpretations services are available to all Department of Education personnel that come into contact with limited-English-proficient parents.  

It  may take several minutes to get the interpreter on the line. When you call in, you will be asked to stay on the line for the duration of the call – the interpreter acts only to facilitate communication between you and the parent and is unable to provide them with any information directly.

How can I identify a parent's preferred language?

Download, print and prominently display the Translation and Interpretation Unit’s Language Identification Guide at every entry point where parents may access a Department of Education facility. This card facilitates the language identification process by instructing limited-English-proficient parents to identify their native language from a list of translated instructions. Once the language needed has been identified you may ask for an interpreter for that language when contacting us.