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Find Your Child’s Bus Stop or Route

Which bus route has my child been assigned? If you know your child’s student ID and birthday, you can get the answer to this and other questions on the Transportation Search Page.

If you don’t know your child's student ID, call The Office of Pupil Transportation at 718-392-8855.

Winter Weather Information

bus stop signDuring inclement weather months, OPT would like to ensure students are embarking and disembarking the bus in a safe place. Schools, bus students and parents are reminded that extra caution should be taken during this time of year.

Please take a moment and review this important information:
  • Dress appropriately for the colder weather. Unexpected mechanical problems with the bus may occur more frequently at this time of year. Students should wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing when waiting at the stop.

  • For some students, especially those who are medically fragile, extreme weather conditions may be health threatening. A parent/guardian should therefore keep this in mind as they make the decision as to whether or not a child should ride the school bus when low temperatures are prevalent.

  • Usually cold, icy, or stormy weather can result in bus schedules being unavoidably delayed. We encourage parents to use extra caution with children on those days. Children should be accompanied to the bus stop or have very clear instructions on what to do if the bus does not arrive. Never leave children at the stop with no backup arrangements for an emergency.

  • A build-up of ice and snow can create a safety hazard for children waiting at the bus stop. Emphasize the importance of standing back from the curb as the bus approaches the stop.

  • Snow drifts or ice frequently make it impractical to put the bus lift down in front of the child’s residence. The bus crew must ensure that the student is completely on clear-and-dry pavement, where possible. Parents/guardians should discuss with the bus crew the best place to pick up and drop off a student who uses a wheelchair or an ambulatory aid.

  • We recommend students using the steps of the bus to hold onto handrails to embark and disembark the bus in an orderly fashion. No running, jumping, pushing or shoving.

  • Never exit the bus into a snow bank. If the bus stops and the child is unable to get out due to the exit being blocked by snow, tell the driver that the path is not clear.

  • Do not walk/play on snow mounds or ice near roadways; you could fall and slip into the roadway and be at risk of being struck by a vehicle.

  The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) provides service to over 600,000 NYC students attending both public and non-public schools located within the five boroughs and neighboring counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Transportation services include stop-to-school busing, door-to-door busing, student MetroCards for use on NYC Transit subways and buses, and bus service for over 160,000 school field trips every year.

Our goal is to give parents and families the information they need to be informed and involved. You can learn more about general education eligibility and student MetroCards, find important safety guidelines and valuable tips to share with your child.

In the Key Documents section on the right, you can find helpful information about OPT policies and procedures including what happens if the school bus arrives at a student's destination and there is no adult at the stop to receive the child and how to request to change the location where a special education student is dropped off after school.

Search School and Student Information

You can use the OPT School and Student Transportation Search to search for transportation information by school and by student.
  • Choose the School Transportation Information search to see a school's session times, yellow bus and MetroCard information.
  •  Choose the Student Transportation Information search to see your child's information. You will need to enter your child's 9-digit student ID number and date of birth in order to view this information. For a general education student, you can see information that includes session times, scheduled morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times, bus stop locations and bus company information. For a special education student you can see session times, route number and bus company information.

View the NYC public schools calendar.

View the non-public schools calendar.

View school bus delays and breakdowns.