End of Year Information for Schools

Potential Fall Route Changes

It is expected that the session times for many schools will change for next year. As a result, it is possible that there will be a greater number of changes to the general education routes for school opening than we have historically experienced. To that end, we are asking that you remind your parents of students receiving general education service to confirm their service information prior to the start of the upcoming school year.

Information will be available 08/26/2014 by calling (718) 392-8855 or visiting here.

Click the links below for important information, instructions and deadlines that schools need to know to prepare for summer school and for September.

Identify Students for Summer School —Deadlines June 13, June 20
Public schools must identify students in ATS (using the SSPR screen) who will attend summer school in order for OPT to provide summer transportation services. The deadline to identify students who receive busing is June 13.

Create New Classes and Assign the Proper OPT Code—Deadline June 26
This step is a prerequisite to completing the end of the year SE verification process (see below)

Complete the End of the Year SE Verification Process—Deadline June 26 
Schools use this process to let OPT know which SE students currently routed need to be routed for next year (and if their assigned school is the same or different) and which students do not need to be routed.

Managing Student Eligibility Changes
Over the summer, transportation eligibility changes for some students promoted to grade 3 and for some students promoted to grade 7. This information includes instructions on identifying the specific students and a sample letter for notifying parents and guardians.

Summer School Bus Information Flyer for Parents and Guardians
Schools can distribute this flyer to provide parents and guardians with transportation information for summer and September 2014. The flyer is available in English and translations.