School Resources

Best Practices

  • Ensure cards are on hand when students need a replacement card. Assignment of a new card, and deactivation of the previously assigned card, can be completed in one step if inventory is effectively managed and replacement cards are on hand.

  • Track the number of replacement cards distributed to better determine quantities when ordering replacement cards.

  • Request additional cards before the supply runs out.

  • If deactivating cards without a replacement available, “T” the student after deactivation: this adds to the figure in the assigned 55555555 column, and helps justify your request for additional cards.

  • Use e-mail to request additional cards. List the type and quantity required.

  • Assign MetroCards based on eligibility displayed on the TLST screen. Assigning cards to ineligible students will skew inventory figures and will be an issue when requesting replacement cards.

  • Contact OPT Customer Service (718) 392-8855 and ask the agent to record your call for ATS/NPSIS Help: OPT Training staff will contact you and work with you to identify the issue or solve the problem.

  • Communicate with parents/guardians and students about the importance of the student MetroCard, proper use of the card, and limiting loss.