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Replacement MetroCards

Schools receive initial shipments of MetroCards in September (fall term) and January (spring term) based on their ATS data (students with AP and AT in TRAN STAT). Each shipment includes an additional amount (20-25% in fall and 15% in spring) to allow schools to replace a lost or stolen MetroCard promptly and to handle requests from newly enrolled students.

Schools may need to request additional MetroCard shipments throughout the term to replace lost, stolen, or defective cards and to provide cards to additional eligible students.

To request replacement MetroCards for your public or charter school follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Verify your school's current MetroCard inventory and review cards on hand

Step 2: Calculate the number of cards needed

Step 3: Determine the quantity required for future replacement cards

Step 4: Prepare and e-mail your request for additional MetroCards

Before shipping any additional MetroCards, the OPT MetroCard unit will review your school’s MetroCard Inventory in ATS. MetroCards will not be shipped unless justified by inventory figures. Schools can reach out to their OPT Account Manager for assistance in resolving issues in order for shipments to be processed.