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Step 1: Verify MetroCard Inventory and Review Cards on Hand

From the Main Transportation menu press

Inventory Screen will display:                                            Example: School A

From the MetroCard Inventory screen in ATS:

  • Add numbers in Assigned MetroCards and Deactivated MetroCard columns.
  • Subtract total from number in Shipped MetroCard column.
  • The result is the number of cards you should have on hand for distribution to students.
  • Count actual number of each type of card on hand. If the numbers do not agree:
    • Review your MetroCard distribution log and assign MetroCard serial numbers on student records. This will increase the number in the Assigned MetroCard column.
    • Deactivate any cards reported lost by students. This will increase the number in the Deactivate MetroCard column.
    • Recalculate figures to verify accuracy.

Based on the example above, School A should have the following MetroCards on hand:

Card Type # Assigned + # Deactivated Total Deducted From Total Shipped # of Cards That Should be in Inventory
E1: K-6 Full Fare 49 + 2 51 67 16
E5: K-6 SE 1 + 0 1 9 8
H1: 7-12 Full Fare 0 + 0 0 2 2
H2: K-12 Half Fare 11 + 0 11 14 3

Based on the calculations in the table above, this school should have an adequate supply of cards to distribute to the students with AT status (the number listed in the Assigned 55555555 column). These cards should be assigned before making a request to ensure that figures are up-to-date.

Step 2: Calculate How Many Cards You Need