Pupil Transportation


As we prepare for hotter weather it is important for schools and parents to note the capacity and limits of school bus air conditioning systems: Climate control systems on school buses are only capable of cooling a vehicle to approximately 15-20 degrees below the outside temperature, therefore, if it is 100 degrees outside, the bus can only be expected to cool to about 80 degrees. For some students who are medically fragile and/or sensitive to temperature changes, it may be in the student’s best interest not to ride on extremely hot days. The decision of whether a student rides or not (as with extremely cold temperatures as well) will remain with the principal and/or the parent. We have sent a memo to all bus companies so that they will ensure operability of their vehicles, vents, cooling and, when necessary, students with severe issues can be moved closer to the front if that part of the bus is cooler.

The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) is the largest school transportation department in the country. Over 600,000 New York City students attending both public and non-public schools located within the five boroughs and neighboring counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut use these services. OPT also provides bus service for more than 160,000 field trips every year.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the best, brightest and most efficient transportation department in the country; dedicated to our students, focused on education and proud of our employees.  

Our Mission
The mission of the Office of Pupil Transportation is to ensure that all eligible New York City students receive safe, clean and timely transportation to and from school.

Getting Information From Us
OPT Customer Service Agents are available Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at (718) 392-8855 and PupilTransportationTeam@schools.nyc.gov to answer questions, take service complaints, and provide information for parents and schools. Staff is always available at OPT until bus companies report that all bus routes have been completed and children have arrived safely at home. OPT Customer Service Agents are also available on weekends during peak periods of the year to assist parents and schools with information concerning school opening in September and summer transportation in late June.

When you call OPT, customer service agents will ask you questions in order to direct your inquiry to the proper department. Each caller receives a reference number for follow up in case he or she needs additional information or assistance.

Let Us Know How to Reach You
OPT needs to have accurate address and contact information for each child we serve to provide the best service and information to parents regarding their child’s transportation needs. We rely on this information to contact parents in the event of emergencies or other situations, as well as for mailings and other critical communication.

Within the City's Department of Education, all address changes are made at the school level. Parents should contact their child’s school to update address and emergency contact information.

Walking to School
While the Office of Pupil Transportation is charged with providing transportation by yellow bus and public transit for all students in New York City, we support the City’s initiative to have as many children walk to school as possible. We believe that walking to school can be a healthy way to begin and end your child’s day at school. The New York City Department of Transportation has resources available at Walk To School to help parents and schools promote walking.

Pollution Reduction
OPT is committed to improving the quality of air and life for all residents of NYC, particularly school-aged children. Every one of the diesel-powered general education buses (2,306 vehicles) under contract to OPT are equipped with emission reduction technology and installation has begun on special education buses.

In September 2007, legislation was enacted that will reduce air pollution from idling school buses. The bill requires the Commissioner of Education to issue regulations requiring school districts to minimize the idling of school buses while parked on school grounds or in front of schools.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus USA program has partnered with Scholastic Books to write, illustrate, and publish “The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up” to increase awareness of the importance of reducing diesel emissions. The special-edition book is intended for children from kindergarten through fourth grade and is available free to individuals, schools and libraries. Visit Clean School Bus USA to order copies of the book and for more information about the program.