About Advance

Advance Overview

Advance, New York City's new system of teacher evaluation and development, was designed to provide the City's teachers with accurate feedback on their performance, and the support necessary to improve their practice with the goal of improved student outcomes to ensure all students graduate college and career ready.

Teacher Practice

Frequent classroom observations paired with timely, meaningful feedback and targeted support to help teachers continuously strengthen their instruction is a central feature of both the NYCDOE’s Citywide Instructional Expectations and Advance.

Student Learning

Understanding how students are performing is a crucial step toward recognizing outstanding teaching and encouraging meaningful improvements in teaching and learning. NYCDOE will use a variety of assessments to measure student learning, with the aim that schools and teachers use student data to drive instructional decision-making toward the goal of preparing all students for college and career.

Student Survey

The Tripod Student Survey will be piloted (not for stakes) in 2013-14 for teachers in grades 3-12 and then comprise 5% of a teacher's evaluation beginning in 2014-15.