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About Advance

  • Advance, New York City's system of teacher evaluation and development, supports the DOE’s larger "Framework for Great Schools." It is one of the tools the NYCDOE is using to ensure that everything we do is focused on student achievement.

    Advance was designed to improve the school-based factors that most directly impact student achievement: Collaborative Teachers, Rigorous, Instruction, and Supportive Environment. By providing teachers with accurate, timely feedback on their performance, and the targeted support necessary to improve their practice, Advance brings us closer to our goal of ensuring all students learn to think for themselves and graduate prepared for college, career, and a meaningful life.
  • Frequent classroom observations paired with timely, meaningful feedback and targeted support to help teachers continuously strengthen their instruction is a central feature of both the NYCDOE’s Citywide Instructional Expectations and  Advance.
  • Understanding how students are performing is a crucial step toward recognizing outstanding teaching and encouraging meaningful improvements in teaching and learning. Schools select from a variety of assessments to measure student learning in a way that best supports the schools culture and instructional priorities. In turn, teachers use students’ performance to continuously measure student progress and to shape and adjust instruction accordingly over the course of the year.