Supports for Teachers & Schools


Building up on the strong foundation built to train NYC’s educators in the new practices and behaviors required of Education Law 3012-c, the NYCDOE is ready to bring this work to the implementation phase. In spring 2013, the NYCDOE began rolling out a robust system of supports to ensure that all of our principals, assistant principals, and teachers are well-prepared to implement Advance in fall of 2013.  

These supports are informed by our Citywide focus of the past two years on increasing the rigor of student work and the quality of teacher practice, as well as three years of pilotwork on a new teacher evaluation and development model involving participation and feedback from over 10,000 teachers across the City.  

Key features of the NYCDOE’s plan for preparing educators for Advance include:

  • Job-embedded professional development for all teachers and principals. The NYCDOE believes that educators learn best from professional development that is embedded in their everyday work. For teachers, this means learning experiences facilitated by the school leaders who are most knowledgeable about their skills and experiences.School-based learning experiences that engage teachers in professional conversations with their peers and administrators about high-quality teaching foster both a professional community and shared learning and support.  
  • Centrally-provided professional development on the teacher practice rubric and core components of Advance.Designed to supplement the job-embedded professional development described above, the DOE has prepared an array of professional development opportunities for teachers and principals to learn more about Advance. These trainings will be conducted outside of schools with a focus on collaborative engagement around Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and its role in conducting fair and accurate assessments of teacher practice,providing useful feedback and support to teachers, and other core components ofAdvance. Centrally-provided professional development will engage teachers, school leaders, network staff,and district superintendents.
  • Professional development on rigorous and authentic measures of student learning that are aligned to the Common Core Standards. Beginning in summer 2013, professional development sessions will be offered for teachers and school leaders on the locally-selected measures of student learning and the state growth and comparable measures (also known as student learning objectives or SLOs) components of the new evaluation and development system.
  • A growing suite of online professional development modules, webinars and resources to support consistent and aligned understandings of Advance.NYCDOE educators can visit ARIS Learn to explore resources designed to support high-quality professional development experiences for teachers and school leaders, individually or in groups.
    • To access ARIS Learn and begin to explore the resources available (NYCDOE educators only): Login to ARIS Learn at using your NYCDOE id and password (or click on the “Learn” tab from the main ARIS site)
    • New and recommended learning opportunities for educators to explore are highlighted on the“Learning Opportunities” homepage within ARIS Learn.
  • helpdesk to address inquiries from NYC educators.  Teachers, school leaders, network staff, and superintendents can email the NYCDOE’s evaluation support help desk with any questions about 3012-c or related implementation supports.