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Statements by Mayor, Chancellor on Lowest Ever Number of City Schools Placed on State's Annual List of Schools Under Registration Review (SURR)


Statement by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg:

    “When we took control of the schools, there were 77 schools in our City that were under registration review by the State. Today, thanks to our focus on high standards and holding our schools accountable for results, we have only 20 schools on the SURR list. Across our City, more students are meeting and exceeding standards in math and reading, the graduation rate is up more than 20 percent, schools are safer, and parents have more choice than ever. Today’s news is another sign of the progress we’ve made turning America’s largest school district around. It’s also a reminder that we have to keep the progress going to help every student and school succeed. Congratulations to all of the teachers, principals, families, and students whose hard work is paying off.”

Statement by Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein:

    “There are now fewer SURR schools in New York City than ever before, even as the State raised its standards this year. Fewer New York City schools were added to the SURR list this year than in any year since the list was created two decades ago. We also saw the biggest annual drop in the number of New York City schools on the list in five years. These encouraging signs of progress are the result of the high standards we demand from every school. If a school fails consistently to help its students make academic progress, we will close it whether it is on the SURR list or not.”

Recent SURR Schools History

  • A total of 20 New York City schools are on the SURR list this year, down from 32 last year. This is the largest single-year decline in New York City SURR schools since the 2003-04 school year.

  • Since last year, 3 SURR schools closed, 13 schools were removed from the list, and 4 schools were added to the list. This is the fewest number of newly-identified SURR schools in New York City since the inception of the SURR program in 1989.

  • A total of 6 schools on the list are already phasing out and will close in the coming years.

    Click here for a chart showing the number of SURR schools in New York City since 2002.